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I doubt the Kamloops First Nation will never dig up that orchard. In July 2021 Roseanne Archibald, the head of the Assembly of First Nations, said in an interview the orchard should be treated as a crime scene and forensic investigations should start immediately. She found it extremely serious that 215 apparent unmarked graves were found, and concluded immediately that they were the graves of disappeared residential school children. However, not even the preliminary steps towards criminal investigations have started since then. I imagine Ms. Archibald was caught up in the hyperbole and false information, because she's stayed absolutely silent on her original call for an urgent digging up of the orchard... you'd think if she truly believed it was a crime scene, like she did in July 2021, she'd double down on the need for a forensic investigation.

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A 1924 septic field with trenches was said to be graves with remains of 215 murdered and missing children. Could news get any more fake?

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