I recognise many of those names. I follow them too. I have been fired from my Town crying job as being too colonialist, I have a red coat re enactment uniform Read about it City of Duncan.

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Jul 5, 2022Liked by James Pew

I expect there are many of us who, like you, find ourselves both agreeing and disagreeing with all the groups we are involved with. My experience has been similar and I'm not completely committed to any group because I can always see how their views are incomplete.

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Thank you for sharing your ‘teacher’ list James. I like the depth & breadth of your approach. I read lots of McLuhan right when I was moving from the UK to Canada. Prescient regarding evolution of Media & man merging with it (with resulting fall out across domains). The technology shaping us, which is studied so well by technocrats and educrats. It’s hard for people without a broad grounding as you have (and crucially the appetite to gain that) to see through the foreground stage pantomime spectacle to the deeper purpose of what that’s trying to bring about for those financing it. The secular theological piece is key & New Discourses is laying that out very well. In your library, do you have McLuhan’s ‘The Medium And The Light’?

In Paulo Friere’s writing so much stressing of the necessity to ‘awaken new consciousness’ in the population and via media culture that’s been accomplished whether people realize their ‘religious consciousness’ has been formed or not. Whether they’ve actively engaged, or passively accepted the messaging, they are at this point, either worshipers or heretics. Even the ‘skeptics’ go along with the religion for expediency (again, Friere stated this would be the case) because like it or not, for the sake of compliance, it’s ‘just how things are’ to a great majority unwilling to gain the mental armour, as you’ve done and are now sharing that process with others.

Really looking forward to seeing this broader scope pan out. Great work James 👊

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